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Lots of old world charm

Beautiful and romantic Prague in the Czech Republic.  Prague is known as the city of 100 spires and  is a great place to wander through its pretty cobblestoned streets.  Architecturally it is a dream with many baroque and gothic styled buildings.

Charles Bridge is the city’s most iconic landmark that was built in 1402.  There are  statues of 30 saints that line the bridge and it is hugely popular with tourists so go in the early hours of the morning to get great photos.

Temple me in Bangkok

These are the Golden Buddha statues at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.  You’ll see these and many other religious and historical treasures around the temple complex including the famous golden reclining Buddha.

You can catch a ferry here to avoid the heavily congested Bangkok road traffic. It’s not a hugely scenic trip but it’s fun to be with other travellers who are also going to see the temple.

Romantic Roman holiday

Beautiful Rome!  This is Ponte Sant’Angelo (bridge) over the Tiberius river with the Vatican in the background.

Exploring this part of the city is easy and makes a good walk. Start in the morning at the Vatican, make your way to Castel Santagelo, walk along the river then head to Piazza Navona before checking out the Pantheon. The last two places have fab lunch options!

Collioure: A catalonian French seaside town

This is the Chapel of St Vincent in beautiful French seaside town Collioure in Southern France.  Located south of Perpignan and within the Languedoc Rossillion region, an area that produces the country’s most and some of the best wine.

Collioure is dubbed the City of artists because many have stopped here, including Picasso, to capture its beauty.  The town is also less than 10 kilometres from Barcelona and has a rich Catalan culture.

Stay locally or make it a fun day trip from Carcassonne, Toulouse or Perpignan.  Get a car rental and check out these gorgeous French regional cities!